7th Month Getai Celebration

Have you missed the Getai celebration on 22 August ? No worries, this album (  https://m.facebook.com/79476064524/albums/10153652988274525/ )will show you through the programme.

This year Getai is “un-un-un-un-un-believeably” good. Other than the superb singing and performance from our one and only “SHANGHAI BANG” and some other singers that came down to support the celebration, as usual we have Chris and his group of dancers cheographing an AWESOME dance performance. We have an unbelievely handsome group of boys dancing “UNBELIEVEABLE” and showing their modelling talent on stage. The elderlies and beneficiaries were so entertained by the performance.

On that day, we also have our biding session which is the key highlight of the celebration. The elderlies and beneficaries were so excited and happy when they recieved the things they wanted. The smile on their faces are priceless.

This whole celebration was a success because of the teamwork of SN volunteers. The hardwork in exchange smiles on the elderlies and beneficaries is totally worthwhile.

One Heart, One SN. Hooyah!






一颗心,一个SN。 Hooyah!