About Us

Our passionate volunteers have been visiting the SN Home since 1992. It started with just a handful of volunteers but has now grown into a large group, with a core volunteer committee planning and organizing weekly activities to engage and educate beneficiaries and volunteers alike. Activities include, but are not limited to handicraft sessions, therapeutic games, singing sessions and feeding the residents. We also celebrate festivals like the Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, and so on, to bring cheer and encouragement to our beloved residents.

singingThrough such interactive activities, we hope that our presence and companionship can bring more joy and laughter to the elderly at the Home. They are truly our friends.

To ensure that good volunteer practices are passed on to the next generation, an organized volunteer group is set up and we place great emphasis on teamwork and leadership, where younger volunteers can take up leadership roles to be further shaped and developed into life-long skills. To encourage sharing and bonding, an annual Volunteers Retreat is organized for all volunteers to give them a time to bond better and let their hair down.

New volunteers are properly orientated into our big family and proper training is conducted so that we can all learn about the purpose and benefits of volunteering. Volunteering goes beyond just our generation and we take it seriously in the education of future generations of volunteers to come.


Share Profile:
The word ‘SHARE’ stands for SN Home Assistance out Reach to Elderly. This programme was launched in 1998 to bring our services beyond the compounds of our Home and into the estate of Marsiling and Yishun.

Apart from volunteering, providing services to the elderly at the Home, some SN volunteers (SHARE members) also visit beneficiaries every fortnight at their estate in Marsiling and Yishun, with the objective of befriending and lending assistance to the needy. This includes lending them a listening ear, reading letters for them, buying of daily necessities and helping them in other areas where assistance is required. The beneficiaries also includes lower educated families with financial problems.

SHARE members have been organising get-together sessions and outings since 2005 for the beneficiaries to gather around to chit-chat, relax and have an enjoyable afternoon together. Buffet dinner at the void deck, a day to the Hay Dairies Goat Farm and Har Paw Villa Trip proves a closer bondings amongst these beneficiaries and also the volunteers. In doing so, it promotes a ‘Watch Out’ for one another mentality/attitude for beneficiaries living in the same estate.

These beneficiaries are also invited to join in the festive celebrations/outings conducted by us in the SN Home. These acts of kindness aim at spreading festive joy and love not only towards the elderly destitute in the Home, but also to the SHARE beneficiaries from our neighbouring estate!