Elderly outing safety regulation

For the safety and enjoyment of the elderly in the outing, all volunteers involve in the elderly outing must follow the below safety regulations.

1. Volunteers attached to the elderly must be with the elderly at all time. In any cases where volunteers need to be away from the elderly for some time, another volunteer must be with the elderly .There should be at least a volunteer with an elderly at all time.
2. Extra wheelchairs must be around when the elderly started walking. Most elderly will feel tired after walking for some time.
3. All instruction should be disseminated from the organisers. Volunteers are not suppose make their own decision. Always discuss with the organiser before announcing your own opinion.
4. All wheelchair elderly must be with diapers before they leave home. There should be no cases whereby the wheelchair elderly need to go toilet unless stated by the organiser.
5. Volunteers should be extremely careful when carrying elderly up and down from the buses.
6. Always check with the organisers or senior volunteers if there are questions on the handling of the elderly.
7. Safety of the elderly should be of primary concern.