Why be a volunteer?
Often, the residents feel lonely and sad without the laughter and joy that vibrant volunteers can bring to them. Most of the time, they just need to know someone cares and chat with them. Furthermore, many of the activities cannot materialize without the presence of much-needed volunteers.

Need for more volunteers
As the number of the residents increases, there will be a shortage of volunteers to take care of the residents. More volunteers will also be needed for our upcoming events and projects. If you feel that you wish to do something enriching in your life or give your spare time to somebody in need, why not come and experience the joy of being a volunteer?

How to be a volunteer?
Want to do something meaningful in your life ? You can always email us or be a part of our mailing list where we keep you inform of our latest activities.

What quality should volunteers possess?
Volunteers need not possess any special skills. All we need are the desire and the passion to help the less fortunate. To fulfill the task, we are also required to be more patient and loving.

I may not work well with the other volunteers?
Our volunteers are like your new friends/classmates, you can slowly build up your friendship with them. We have different people from all walks of life and we are just like one big family.

Will new volunteers get any training?
There are courses conducted by NCSS every few months and the new volunteers will get to attend these courses.

I may be too busy to come every week. Can I still volunteer?
Yes, definitely! We have a lot of volunteers with different backgrounds. Sometimes, personal commitments take you away from volunteering but you can always come down when you have a few hours to spare. Remember, being a volunteer should be a cheerful event and should never become a burden. Over time, it will become a good habit.

How can I be of any help?
You can join us for our upcoming projects or our weekly visits at the Home. We need a lot of people to help out in the logistic/performances etc.