Head – Recruitment, Training and Orientation


Responsible for all recruitment activities that will grow the number of SN volunteers; and bringing awareness to public or association so that more will come forward in serving our beneficiaries in SN Home or SHARE resident.

Responsible for all training programs that is conducted internally and/or by external parties for all SN volunteers so that these knowledge will be of beneficial to our residents and volunteers.

Responsible for all orientation programs & support system for our newly joined volunteer.

  • Brief historic info of SN Home, Dos and Don’ts for volunteer, Site viewing etc to the new volunteer.
  • Hands-on experiences in SN Home with the guidance of senior volunteers for the new volunteer.
  • Arranging of SHARE volunteering for new volunteer.
  • Wheelchair Training for new volunteer.

Act as liaison between the volunteer group and SN Home or external parties (e.g. NVPC, ESN, companies etc) in areas of recruitment, training & orientation.

Work closely with all other subcommittees to achieve Recruit and Retain concept.